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7.08” Dual Holes Charming Chubby Buttock


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7.08” Dual Holes Charming Chubby Buttock

Deliciously ripe female buttocks, dating a charming and hot girl.
Pink vagina with protruding 4 ribbed ridges & scattered bumps, feel the delicate and violent scratching.
Tight asshole with rich stimuli inside, embrace gentle but tight anal sucking.
Perfectly designed size, both portability and thick sensuality.
TPR material, safe and comfortable masturbation enjoyment.

You know how inviting and fetching a naked treasure could be for men, especially when they are in the darkness of loneliness. Rather than useless conjectures, as long as you want, you can fall into a sweet relationship with a sweet hottie. This plump beauty is able to fulfill your need of a caring partner. Designed to accompany you psychologically and satisfying you physically, it comes to you in appearance as real as possible: touchable meaty flesh, juicy pussy, tight ass. . . Such a sexy stunner! She brings you more than that. Pull the labia or curl your fingers around and inside these lovely holes, you will know the mystery. There are four ribbed ridges extending to the invisible depths of the vagina. In addition, the inner walls are also covered with uneven textures, promising unparalleled friction against your sensitive dick. The other enjoyable hole owns another attractive design: bumps of different sizes and shapes. They will naturally suck and lick something inserted. Two channels offer two ways of sex-enjoying. You are gonna love it! 

Size: 7.08*5.11*6.5”
Material: TPR
Weight: 4.36lb

Package included:
1 x Buttock


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7.08'' Dual Holes Charming Chubby Buttock
7.08'' Dual Holes Charming Chubby Buttock
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