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Real Oral Sex Doll

oral sex doll

Real Oral Sex (ROS) Silicone Head: A New Level of Pleasure

Whether you’re a seasoned sex doll enthusiast or just starting out, you may have heard that TPE heads are good for oral sex. However, TPE heads have less realistic apperence than silicone heads, at the same time, with their smooth, featureless mouth tunnels. Traditional silicone heads, on the other hand, are hard and inflexible, with no movable parts for a more lifelike experience. But now, the game has changed!

ROS, or Real Oral Sex – a revolutionary new design from BSDoll that incorporates an ultra-realistic silicone material, movable jaw & oral structure to create the most realistic and pleasurable oral sex experience ever since and break the rule that normal silicone heads cannot implement. Some sex doll lovers even refer to it as the advanced oral structure & moveable jaw head.

Human-like Oral Structure
With a human-like oral structure that reproduces every detail, from the teeth and tongue to the tonsils, BSDoll’s ROS head offers a level of realism that was previously impossible. The teeth are integrated with the oral cavity, ensuring they won’t fall off during use.

Soft Jelly Silicone Materials
Made from soft jelly silicone materials, Real Oral Sex (ROS) is designed to feel ultra-realistic and comfortable. The softness ensures that you won’t experience any discomfort or safety issues during use, while also adding to the overall realism of the experience.

Tightly Wrapped Channel
Channel is perfectly sized to match your genitals, making it feel like you’re having sex with a real person. With the movable jaw, the mouth can be smoothly opened & closed, creating a dynamic and interactive feel that allows you to explore new levels of pleasure and intimacy.

BSDoll offers the latest oral silicone head on the market, At present, the oral silicone head series has just been launched and there are not many types, and more head shapes will be introduced one after another. Stay tuned!

Real Oral Sex (ROS) Silicone Head Sex Dolls