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How to buy a sex doll at VSDOLL?

If you are asking yourself where can I buy a sex doll? the answer is HERE at VSDOLL. Our great customer service we’ll make it easy and smooth for you in case you have any question and we always try to help our customers finding the best love doll according to their desires.

The process to buy a sex doll is pretty simple:

1. Shopping

Select the model that you prefer. You can do that by visiting our all premium sex dolls collections or best-selling collections and selecting among 300+ sex doll models. Once you see a doll you like, you can
start customizing and selecting your preferences.

2. Checkout

An order confirmation email will be sent after checkout. This is meant to make sure that your order is accurate and your dream doll has been customized according to your desires. Please make sure that you can receive our emails, otherwise, check your SPAM folder and add our email to your contacts. If you don’t see our emails, please reach out directly!

We will confirm your payment with our secure payment system and if everything is correct, you will receive a confirmation about your order and we will start making your doll.

3. Doll Producing

Once your doll is completed, the factory photo will be sent to your email box. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please give us detailed feedback via email at [email protected] or online chat and we will arrange to make corresponding changes. During the manufacturing process, we might send you pictures of your doll in some cases (it will depend on the level of orders in our pipeline).

4. Delivery
24hrs after the confirmation email, the doll will be shipped out. You’ll receive an email with the shipping details and tracking number soon. All orders Anonymous Discreet Packaging, and there are no labels, markings, or logos.

5. Receive and Have Fun

After several days you will receive your dream doll and you can start having fun together 🙂