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No, but you can contact us via 24/7 online chat.

Unfortunately, we do not have any physical store where you can walk in to make a purchase. All orders and customer service is done online, via our website. You can rest assured that we take great pride in making all transactions secure and discreet. We value every customer’s privacy and security.

Of course, we are legit. We have been in this industry for more than 5 years since 2018.

We are based in China and Hong Kong, and we have thousands of sex dolls in our overseas warehouses in the US, AU, CA, EU, and UK.


We only do credit cards, PayPal and cryptocurrency payments. At the moment, if you are in the US and wanna pick up in your local shipping office, you could click here to find a local FedEx station that offers pick-up service, then call them to check how to do that. We always use FedEx in the US.

Credit Card: Bank Statement Name: Random name that will protect your privacy.
PayPal: LoveDoll or some other random name

We do accept PayPal payments.

We accept Klarna Pay in 4 – US Only. It allows you to split the cost of your payment into 4 easy payments, made every 2 weeks. No interest. No catch. Or we could split your payment into several small ones manually, and when we got the first payment, we will start to produce, and when we got the last one, we will ship it out 🙂

Check this article: https://bsdoll.com/what-to-do-if-credit-card-payment-failed/ Just send our online agent a message for assistance if any questions.


Yeah, we do ship custom sex doll to New Zealand via expedited shipping. As we have not built an NZ warehouse, we don’t have in-stock dolls for our NZ customers. No worry, we will build it later.

All orders are shipped from our factory based in Shenzhen & Hong kong. However, if you order an “In Stock” doll it will be shipped from a local warehouse near you and you can expect delivery within 3-7 days.

For custom orders, please give us 2-7 business days to manufacture the doll and 4 weeks for free shipping to the US. You can also opt to do expedited shipping for $350-$500, depending on the size of the doll and you can expect delivery within 3-7 business days after manufacturing. For all ready-to-ship or in-stock dolls, delivery is within 3-7 days.
For other countries, you could check it here: https://bsdoll.com/pages/shipping-delivery

Depending on your location, we ship via sea, train or air. We also use major couriers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Learn more from our shipping terms here: https://bsdoll.com/pages/shipping-delivery

All dolls are manufactured and shipped from our factory in Dongguan China & Hong kong

Our US warehouse is located in Los Angeles, AU warehouse is located in Melbourne, Canada warehouse is located in Toronto, EU warehouse is located in Netherland, and UK warehouse is located in Blackburn.

We have in-stock dolls(3-7 day delivery and no extra fees) as well as custom dolls(20+ custom features, expedited shipping available) for our Canadian customers. Check here for more details on duty: https://bsdoll.com/do-i-need-to-pay-customs-duties-for-sex-doll/

Please contact our online agent, and we will check it for you.

All custom dolls are made to order, please allow 2-7 business days for manufacturing. If you have not received a photo of your doll yet, this means that it is still in production and you will be sent a factory photo soon before shipping it out.


Just checked our homepage banner, we always publish all promotions there 🙂

All discounts and promotions are subject to change without any prior notice.

We can only allow changes in orders that have not been shipped out yet. Once a doll has been shipped out it will be impossible to stop shipment and get the doll back for any changes or upgrades. Please contact our online agent to get more details.

First please check our cancellation policy for more information here. No worry, we will try to help you out, just contact our online chat asap.


All custom love dolls are made to order, to assure you that you are getting the correct custom doll we will send you a photo of your doll before shipping it out. For in-stock sex dolls, we will send the doll the same as the photo, so we will not send you a factory photo unless you request it.

Yes, heads are removable and adjustable.

It is worth it. The Jelly breast is the main material for breast augmentation. 99% close to the real breast.

Yes, but they may not be listed on the website. You could ask our online agent for assistance.

Sorry, The moaning system is implanted in the doll and cannot be sold seperatly.

Our in-stock dolls are all with a fixed vagina. You can custom removal vagina function in our custom sex dolls.

Sure just contact our online agents, we will send over more details 🙂

If you order a custom doll, then yes, just place an order under the body and leave an order note that you wanna change the head to someone else. If it is an in-stock doll, sorry we can not make any change to the doll. You could just buy a new head from our factory.

Yes, we recommend using powdered cosmetics.

Yes, we can switch eyes’ colors. Tutorial video: https://bit.ly/3uaKINU

No. But you could place an order on the doll with the breast size you like and then leave an order note for the head you prefer. We will make it to your request.

Yes, the TPE doll head will come with a wig, and the silicone doll head will come with implanted hair.

For TPE dolls, only wire fingers. For full-body silicone dolls, we do offer fully articulated fingers that cost $100.

Yes, the doll has a very tight pussy

If you order the Intelligent Voice system, your doll could conduct simple conversations. And if you wanna have a smart doll that could talk with you even making faces, you could check our AI Dolls.

We sure do! You can do it here, customization
Just upload photos of her and we’ll handle the rest.

Yes, all custom dolls have that option.

Some of our dolls are capable of automatically sucking penis if you upgrade your doll to the auto-blow feature. You could contact our online agent to check if your doll is able to upgrade.

Please contact our online agent, we will send the factory of the doll you want.

The highest male doll height is 180cm, 5ft10, as it might be too heavy to carry if exceed 180cm

We have blue skin sex doll. For other colors, it depends, you could contact our agents to get more information.

Sorry, the clothes on the doll are only for taking pictures.

Yes, you can buy a head separately. Please write clearly in the order note when placing an order, which doll’s head you want to make: https://bsdoll.com/products/tpe-silicone-head

Of course! All TPE dolls come with 3 holes for ultimate pleasure. Mouth for oral sex, anus for anal sex, and vagina for sex. But as for silicone head, no oral sex function.

Our doll is made of TPE which makes it soft to touch and feels nearly as real.

Find the name of the doll’s head you want to buy, and write it in the order notes when placing an order. Btw male sex doll heads could not be sold separately.

Contact our online agent, we will send the picture to you. Or you could check the function video under the product.

Currently, all orders can only be placed online. Just select your doll, customize it if you need to, then add it to the cart and check her out of the cart or you can also add more details. When checking out, you can pay via Credit/Debit card, Klarna, PayPal, or Coinbase. If you have any questions, just ask our online agents.

It takes 2-7 days for the factory to make it. If you upgrade to a silicone head, it will take a little longer than normal.

Because TPE material has excellent stretching properties, no matter how big the penis is, it can be wrapped and moved well. At the same time, you can check our measurements on our Doll Size Specifics page.

If you are in Australia, you can only choose 140cm+ dolls. So the smallest doll in AU is a 140cm doll.

At the moment we only have English and Chinese available. You could switch languages by double click the function button.

It’s just an option for you to upgrade to silicone or get an extra TPE/Silicone head. If you don’t upgrade, it will be the default TPE head.

No, they’re not. But you can use water-based lubricants for them.

For heating function, there is a hole in the back neck to charge.
For the moaning box, you need a micro USB cable to charge it.

The doll will come with random lingerie.

Silicone is suitable for making the face or body of dolls with natural skin and white skin because the material is hard, it can be implanted with hair, make pores and even some freckles and scars. But if you choose a doll with dark skin, silicone is not suitable, because the dark color made of silicone is not the original natural color of silicone, and there will be a big color difference with the body of TPE (unless you also choose full Silicone body, so that the color of head and body could be exactly the same). At the same time, the pores and freckles of dark skin are not very obvious, so the advantages of silicone are basically not displayed. Therefore, TPE material is more suitable for dark dolls, like Tan, light Tan, and black sex dolls.

You can find all customization options on our custom doll product page, as for the body shape, we do not provide customization options, please directly choose a doll with the body shape you like, and customize the function there.

You could check our doll size specifics here. The taller ones will have the deeper holes:)

Compared to the standard skeleton, yoga is a more advanced skeleton, which is super flexible and allows for more natural, human-like posing for both modeling/photography and sexual positions. So that they can squat, stretch and kneel like a real human.

The TPE doll body is made of TPE. TPE is a smoother and softer material compared to silicone that will give the doll the human feel. It is also less expensive and lighter in weight, making it easier for you to move your doll.

The biggest advantage is that easy to clean. And used dolls with removable vaginas are relatively easy to resell.

Upgrading to a silicone head will make your doll’s face more realistic and beautiful, at the same time due to the characteristics of silicone it will not have the same oral function as the TPE head. The TPE head can be made to look 90% similar to the model photo.

Please contact our online agents for assistance.

Details of the model photo are found on each of the doll’s profiles. Please note that you may need to customize the doll to get the same measurement shown in the details of the model.

For the default version, she comes exactly as pictured with the wig, standard skeleton, built-in vagina, and standing feet.
For the premium version, she comes with more features, including jelly breast, shrugging shoulder skeleton, standing feet, built-in vagina. Additionally, tongue, hanging hook, random extra eyes & wigs are also included within the package.
For the luxury version, she comes with more features, including jelly breast, yoga skeleton, moaning system, standing feet, and built-in vagina. Additionally, tongue, hanging hook, random extra eyes & wigs, TPE glue, TPE stain remover, and piercing set are also included within the package.

You could find our full body silicone doll here: https://bsdoll.com/collections/silicone-sex-doll/

To make sure that our customers are satisfied with their purchase; we make sure to send a photo of the doll prior to shipping for possible customer requests, adjustments, and upgrades. In compliance with our cancel policy, we do not cancel shipped-out orders because we can never stop shipment or acquire them back.

As we use the best and most durable material for our dolls. The stomach will not squish or be damaged when you lie on top of her when in use.

You can shower with your doll, it is advised that you securely wrap any visible metal part with plastic or waterproof material to avoid any damage. Also, be cautious in handling the doll, it becomes slippery when they are wet. Make sure you put a good weight when showering with them. if you have a heating system installed, the doll will have a small hole in her nape, make sure to securely cover it to avoid getting wet.

Definitely! As long as it fits your doll and you use it with caution to avoid any damage.

Using a lubricant is a “MUST”, not only does it make the experience better it also helps to avoid your doll from tearing

Your package will include a FREE gift set that will include a cleaning kit to help you with cleaning your doll.

We have tips on how to maintain your dolls: https://bsdoll.com/tips-on-how-to-clean-a-sex-doll/ For the vagina, having a removable vagina is best for easy cleaning

It is recommended that you store your dolls without any clothes or use light-colored clothes. Avoid using dark-colored fabrics and tight clothing with your dolls, this may cause stains on the doll’s skin. When using dark clothing, make sure to wash them first and use TPE Stain Remover asap if you bought one. It is always best to use light-colored, loose clothes on your doll. It is also recommended that you purchase a hanging hook for better and safer storage.

Wiring is installed in the doll’s body and there will be a charging port. The doll will also come with a charger that you can use. Once it starts charging, the doll’s torso, vagina, and anus will reach the normal body temperature (36℃ or 96.8℉) in about 40 mins and will be ready for use. Please note that it will not make the doll hot or too warm, it will only replicate a person’s normal body temperature.

Your privacy is important to us. The packaging we use for this product is completely discreet — it will show up in a plain brown box with no labels, logo, or markings.