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Enjoy Your Love Doll in a Week | 1-7 day delivery shipped from local warehouse

Want to receive a love doll within a week? Our in-stock sex doll collection has been pre-made and shipped to our AU, CA, EU, UK & US warehouses. They will reach local customers in 1-7 business days (depending onΒ  your location)Β after we received your order.Β In-stock dolls are great if you wanna get them fast. If you prefer to custom your own unique doll, just check our custom sex doll collection.

Currently, we have 3 versions of in-stock dolls for our customers to choose from with different functions.
For Default in-stock sex dolls
, she comes exactly as pictured with the wig, standard skeleton, built-in vagina, and standing feet.
For Premium in-stock sex dolls, she comes with more features, including jelly breast, shrugging shoulder skeleton, standing feet, and a built-in vagina. Additionally, a tongue, hanging hook, random extra eyes & wigs are also included within the package.
For Luxury in-stock sex dolls, she comes with most features, including jelly breast, yoga skeleton, moaning system, standing feet, and built-in vagina. Additionally, tongue, hanging hook, random extra eyes & wigs, TPE glue, TPE stain remover, and piercing set are also included within the package.

At the same time, you could also purchase extra heads or accessories which can be compatible with your doll. Any questions? Contact our 24/7 online agent now πŸ™‚

Please note:
* All in-stock sex dolls product titles are ended with the words “XX Stock”.
* US Stock dolls are only available to US customers (Same for EU/AU/CA/UK stock dolls)
* No worry about privacy. All orders are discreet shipping